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Intermediate Accounting I

Fall 2017




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Accounting Leadership Council

The ALC is a leadership organization for students majoring in Accounting.  For more information on how to join or to find a schedule of events, click on the link above to reach the ALC Facebook group.

Degree Plan Options (Tracks) For Accounting Students

Accounting Help Desk

Teaching Assistants working for the Area of Accounting will be available for FREE tutoring sessions throughout the semester.  They are regularly located in room E374.   If the student help desk is moved to a different room on any given day, they will post a notice of the room change on the door of room E374.

16th Edition

Solutions to End of Chapter Exercises and Problems

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Chapter 2                          Chapter 9

Chapter 3                          Chapter 10

Chapter 4                          Chapter 11

Chapter 5                          Chapter 12

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15th Edition

Solutions to End of Chapter Exercises and Problems

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Chapter 2                    Chapter 9

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Other Information and Activities from Class


Chapter 3

Accounting Cycle


Grounds By Jo Case

Grounds By Jo Case - Journal

Grounds By Jo Case - General Ledger

Grounds By Jo Case - Financial Statements


Grounds By Jo Case - 14-Column Worksheet

Grounds By Jo Case - Journal Entry Solutions


Platteville - Case Instructions

Platteville - Journal and General Ledger

Platteville - Extra copy of 14-Column Worksheet Templet



Platteville - Adjusting Entry Solutions


Chapters 4 & 5

Ford Financial Statements

Ford Financial Statement Questions

Ford Financial Statement Questions with Solutions


Financial Statement Format - Questions and Solutions





Chapter 7


Balance Sheet and Income Statement




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Ch 2, Ch 3, Ch 4, Ch 5, Ch 10 [partial], Ch 12


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